1. Graywater

    Graywater can be used for subsurface landscape irrigation through the use of mulch basins, disposal trenches or subsurface drip irrigation fields. Learn more about setting up a graywater system.

  2. Rain Barrels

    Rain barrels can capture and store rain that falls on roofs and then irrigate landscapes when they need it again. Learn more about rain barrels.

  3. WaterSmart Checkup

    The free WaterSmart Checkup, a water use audit for homes and businesses, is offered to all Sweetwater Authority customers. Learn how to get a free WaterSmart Checkup.

  4. Water Efficiency Videos

    View videos on how to increase your water efficiency.

  5. Landscape Designs

    Sweetwater Authority customers are encouraged to use these professionally drawn, water-efficient landscape plans for single family homes.

  6. Conservation & Gardening Publications

    Subscribe to conservation publications with this online form.