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Q: Is discolored water dangerous?
A: In most cases, brown or yellow water usually means that there has been a change in the flow direction of the water main. This disturbance in the water main can loosen up coating or sediment. (mainly iron and manganese), which builds up inside of the pipelines.. You may also notice some grit in the lines that could clog up your aerators or toilets. If the water is metallic blue, please DO NOT DRINK OR USE THE WATER. Call 619-420-1413 for emergency assistance. There may be a chemical backflow in your water service.

Q: What should I do about brown or yellow water?
A: Try running the water at an outside hose bib for several minutes to flush the line between your meter and house. Inside your home or business, you may wish to remove the aerators from your faucets, and then run the faucets for several minutes to keep from plugging water filters and toilets. DO NOT WASH CLOTHING if the water is discolored, it may stain your clothes.

Q: What if the water looks milky or cloudy?
A: Cloudy water is usually caused by air trapped in the water lines. Place the water in a pitcher or glass for a few minutes. The water should become clear. If this works, the water is safe for all uses.

Q: Why does my water taste or smell "funny"?
A: There are two common reasons for bad tasting or smelling water. One is from chlorine, used to kill germs in the water, and the other is from algae, which commonly grows in surface water reservoirs, including Sweetwater Reservoir. Algae problems are seasonal and usually occur during warm summer months. Examples of taste and odors from algae are grassy, swampy and earthy.

Q: What odors could signal a threat to my health?
A: If the water has a "chemical" smell, or if it smells like sewage, it could indicate a dangerous backflow condition. DO NOT DRINK OR USE THE WATER. Call (619) 420-1413 for emergency assistance.

Last updated: 5/2/2017 5:16:37 PM