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Sweetwater River Waterbed

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Q. How full are the reservoirs?
A. Please check back for weeky levels. This link is being updated.

Q. When will Loveland and/or Sweetwater Reservoir spill?
A. It depends on the intensity of the storms and the amount of runoff generated.

Q. Will Sweetwater Authority release any water prior to a spill?
A. Not at Sweetwater Reservoir. The spill will occur naturally, when the amount of water exceeds reservoir capacity. At Loveland Reservoir, only occasional, closely monitored releases are conducted to transfer stored water from Loveland to Sweetwater Reservoir.

Q. How large is the Sweetwater watershed?
A. The Sweetwater watershed encompasses 230-square miles, and stretches from the Cleveland National Forest to the San Diego Bay. Two-thirds of the watershed is above Loveland Reservoir.

Q. Are the dams safe?
A. The dams are structurally sound, (they are frequently inspected by dam safety experts) and should have no problems.

Q. Who or what is impacted by the reservoirs' spilling?
A. Mostly golf courses and parks. Portions of Rancho San Diego, Chula Vista, Spring Valley and Bonita prone to flooding may be impacted.

Q. When was the last time the reservoirs spilled?
A. Both reservoirs last spilled in 1998.

Q. How many miles between Loveland and Sweetwater?
A. 17 miles.

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Last updated: 4/5/2011 11:01:10 AM