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What is Sweetwater Authority?

Sweetwater Authority BuildingSweetwater Authority is a publicly-owned water agency with policies and procedures established by a seven-member Board of Directors. The Sweetwater Authority governing board, or board of directors, is composed of seven members. Five directors are elected by division by the citizens of the South Bay Irrigation District. Two directors are appointed by the Mayor of National City, subject to City Council confirmation.

Under the Irrigation District Law of the State of California (Division 11 of the Water Code), Sweetwater Authority was established when the South Bay Irrigation District and the City of National City amended and re-adopted a joint-powers agreement (JPA) in 1977. Subsequently, several amendments have been added to the original document. Click here for the JPA and amendments- SWA-JPA (PDF).

Sweetwater Authority provides safe, reliable water service (since 1977) to approximately 191,500 people in a service area that covers a 32-square-mile area, that includes National City, Bonita, and the western and central portions of Chula Vista, California.

Delivered to customers via 388 miles of pipeline, water is procured from four sources: (1) deep freshwater wells located in National City; (2) capture of local runoff in the Sweetwater River with subsequent storage at Loveland Reservoir in Alpine, and Sweetwater Reservoir in Spring Valley; (3) San Diego Formation Wells in the lower Sweetwater River basin; and (4) purchase of imported water delivered by the San Diego County Water Authority and the Metropolitan Water District. Revenues are obtained entirely from water sales, fees for service, and returns on investments. The agency receives no tax revenues.

Our Mission

The mission of Sweetwater Authority is to provide its current and future customers with a safe and reliable water supply through the use of the best available technology, sound management practices, public participation and a balanced approach to human and environmental needs.


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